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The Program Mission of the Los Alamitos Unified School District Extended Day Care Center (EDCC) program is to provide high quality care at affordable prices. Click below to read more about the Extended Day Care Program in Los Alamitos.

2016-2017 Extended Day Care Program Information 

2017-2018 Extended Day Care Program Information 

2017-2018 Extended Day Care Center (EDCC) Registration Application

Parents:  Please print pages 1-5 in the registration application; initial and sign where needed on pages 2 and 4, attach your registration fee, and deliver your completed application to the Extended Day Care Center at your determined school site.  

Applications for the current 2016-2017 school year are available.  Please contact Yolanda Mortensen, Extended Day Care Program Supervisor at (562) 799-4700 extension 80496 or by email ymortensen@losal.org if you have questions or require a 2016-2017 registration application.

EDCC Summer Program, Camp Fun in the Sun (CFITS) will be available to students who are currently enrolled in the District and have completed grades TK-5th.  CFITS will be available from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., June 19 to August 24, at Los Alamitos Elementary School.  To register and guarantee a space, a completed application, including a student calendar noting days child care is requested, and paid registration fee will be required.  We cannot guarantee your child will be accepted into CFITS after the May 12th deadline.  If space allows, a late registration fee will be applied to each applicant.   The program schedules staff, weekly field trips/excursions, makes appropriate reservations for transportation, events and activities, and purchases supplies based on the number of students enrolled. 
We ask that you complete/print pages 3-6, initial and sign where needed (pages 3 and 6), attach your registration fee and completed calendar, and deliver the documents to your child's elementary EDCC's program.


Extended Day Care Center Contact Information

Hopkinson Elementary Extended Day Care (Kids Korner), Room 14

Nicole Cowan, Supervisor



Lee Elementary Extended Day Care (Kids Korner), Room 21

Pam Tiano, Supervisor



Los Alamitos Elementary Extended Day Care (Kids Korner), Room 26

Lisa Schippert, Supervisor


(714) 816-3316

McGaugh Elementary Extended Day Care (Kids Korner), Room 49

Jenna Macias, Supervisor



Rossmoor Elementary Extended Day Care (Kids Korner), Room 34

Kelly Peters, Supervisor



Weaver Elementary Extended Day Care (Kids Korner), Room 31

Tiffany Penick, Supervisor




McAuliffe Middle School Extended Day Care (The Outpost), Room 52

Tamara Elenes, Supervisor


(714) 816-3361

Oak Middle School Extended Day Care (The Outpost), Room 38

Kate Studt, Extended Day Care Assistant


(562) 799-4764